Saturday, December 31, 2011 

Kazuki Takamatsu

#It is Japan standard time, and 2011 even year is while several another o'clock. finally, it another entry it.

The world that Kazuki Takamatsu draws is peculiar and cool beauty.
monochrome like exaggerated framework.
...from the black to white. from white to the black. It is very fantastic and interesting.
The main painting materials that he uses are a tent cloths, an acrylic pigments, and acrylic gouache pigments in the wood panel.
and more unbelievable, the more delicate with the picture composed of those painting materials.

Kazuki Takamatsu
Kazuki Takamatsu
Kazuki Takamatsu
Kazuki Takamatsu

Kazuki Takamatsu

#Take care of you, Happy New Year!

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Fuyuko Matsui

The art exhibition of Fuyuko Matsui is opened in Yokohama JP.
I will also visit the intelligent, beautiful world.

Fuyuko Matsui
Becoming Friends with All the children in the Wold. 2002

Fuyuko Matsui EN
via cafarde雑記帳*

#The entry was a little in this year.
#Let's in create the entry more, only next year.
#Friends, I wish you all the goodies for 2012...
#Thanx! ya all,

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Saturday, December 24, 2011 

Happy Holidays

Longtime no see, Friends!
It is very cold in today's JP, though is not snowing.
Is it snowing in your country?
truely,Is it surely cold in your town...

Just a party tonight? Do Enjoy it.
God bless with you.

#It is Choklate is new works to listen recently. Cool and Groovy, Cute.

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