Wednesday, August 27, 2008 

Immigrant's Bossa Band offcial

to N,

A new Japanese bossa band is taught and got from an American friend.ha
My blog is also a music blog these days.....

Although looks are regrettable, the music which they perform is wonderful.
so bossa! so kool! so jazzy and smooth.
you enjoy Immigrant's Bossa Band.

Immigrant's Bossa Band offcial


Wednesday, August 20, 2008 

Giovanca - Subway-Silence

It let the friend of Philadelphia know and was given,I make found the new talent.
She is very cute,so lyrical,too pop.well
In the Netherlands, it is decoration about ELLE and COSMOPOLITAN as a beauty model dose her.
It will go into the best ranking this year which I choose.

Giovanca Official



Hard Frost;フロスト気質

It was very interesting although kept waiting very so longtimes.
But it is although it is a jap translation book that I read...
It is slapstick police mystery series as usual, and a Frost,is good guys!
Some day, I think that I will read in the original text.


Hard Frost

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008 

Mark Seliger

Drew Barrymore,New York City,1995
Alice's Adventure in Wonderland which Drew Barrymore plays.
Drew which is sulky and smokes a cigarette is charming.
The photograph currently looked for from before for a while is found, and I am lucky.
Although there were about 30 sheets when a saw.

A photographer is Mark Seliger.
Mark Seliger Official


Sunday, August 03, 2008 

Shackled Maidens

I'm back.

Shackled Maidens Offical



R.Kelly - 12 Play 4th Quarter

R.Kelly - 12 Play 4th Quarter

Hairbraider - R. Kelly