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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

NeverClock Studios

Tittle Doppleganger Contest - Suzi9mm
Model: Azmedius

So I thought that it might be fun to try this contest out.
Called up Azmedius, who of course has modeled for Jen before.
The shoot was full of challenges, I'd never worked with blood before,
and my washroom is too small to set up studio flashes...
so I was compleatly out of my element.
As well, bubble bath and fake blood have a time limit to be efective so,
I had to be quick to get 'the right shot' for the contest.
My 450 flash and my wideangle lens on, I did my best and got what I was going for I think.
I was trying to get a dead series in progress sort of thing, in a style,
reminicent of +suzi9mm 's during that time of her photographic development.
High contrast, strong red and white presense. Anyway, enough of me, hope you like.
Anyway it was a good experience to deviate from my style and
do something that I would otherwise not done, of course, its the point of the contest.

P.S. The Cherry Red colour of the blood was rather intended as
I was going for a bit more of a pop look.
I may end up altering it back to the rich blood red shade. *shrugs*

P.S.S. Moved to Horror after the contest ended.