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Saturday, January 12, 2008 

"Suna no Onna" ("Woman in the Dunes") by Shigeru Suzuki

Possibly this album I heard late in the 70s was influenced most.
The time which rock music was made in Japanese or had become ? and a dispute although it was the absurd talk.
A back musician is little feet, and a Shigeru Suzuki brought real funky music back to Japan from Los Angeles.
it is a refrain of Amaj7th and D9th in guitar code fundamentally,just a real smooth vibe.
Atmosphere should be transmitted although the slide guitar of this man's characteristic is not played with the video appropriate for recent years.
I want you to also hear original from a music player by all means.
sorry well,Music has been told seriously.Too, music do the enjoys itself.
take a good weekends!

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