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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 

Babyface - Tonight I'ts Goin' Down

Babyface - Tonight I'ts Goin' Down

Babyface - Tonight I'ts Goin' Down

Yeah (Tonight it's goin' down)
You know we've been waiting much to long for this girl,
It's time to get it on
Yeah, old school style (Tonight it's goin down)
Keep it grown, keep it sexy, come on

[Verse 1]
I've been waiting on it forever, I'm not gon' even front
And it's gonna get so much better (can't wait till the moment comes)
When I get to squeeze you in my arms and lay you on your back
Excuse me if I kiss it for a little girl I like it when it's nice and wet

It makes me feel good (to know that your waiting for it)
I'll make it so good (I hope that your ready for it)
cause I'm about to turn out the lights

Tonight it's goin' down
we're in the final round
it's time to close the deal
gon' sex it up in here
tonight were making babies
we've waiting much too long
tonight it's goin' down
it's time to get it on
tonight will be the night of all other nights, tonight tonight

[Verse 2]
More than just a little bit excited
I've been holding it for days
and when I get with you tonight
I'm gonna make you call my name
got the right vibe and it's flowing
got the candlelight and it's glowing
got you and I know I got you going (oh let's take it all the way)

it makes me feel good (to know that your waiting for me)
I think its so good (I hope that you sing for me)
cause we 'bout to make love tonight


Tonight will be the dream of all your dreams
Tonight, tonight
Tonight I'll make you scream like you've never screamed
Tonight, tonight
It's gon' be everything you want it to be
Tonight, tonight

[Chorus x2]

Tonight it's goin' down
It's time to get it on (x2)(Tonight, baby)

#It listens to a favorite song after a long time several years ago.
#Just a great song dose it, love it!