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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 

甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho

横櫛 1920
甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho
Woman of Simabara(Woman of Kyouto)
甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho
Spring Night
甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho

I went to the bookstore today. Then, the draw collection that I do not want to see has been seen. It was a draw used for the cover of a certain novel. It was an artist who it was a staff of a famous movie, and was able though not known by me that I returned to the house, and examined it.

甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho 1894-1978

born in Kyoto in 1894.The painter had been since young. It changes over to the filmdom by the middle age. It returns to the painter at the following. Moreover, he was a gay and drag queen.

甲斐庄 楠音 Tadaoto Kainosho Wikipedia - japanese
Movie that he left:
雨月物語 Ugetsu monogatari lMdb
大菩薩峠 Daibosatsu tôge lMdb
Other research sites - japanese

The cover of the novel that I saw is this.
ぼっけえ、きょうてえ 岩井志摩子
Author Shimako Iwai - Botkee Kyoutee

Shimako Iwai - Botkee Kyoutee

The story is a horror story of the city in the west of Japan. When the first reading, I felt fear. It is because it is native horror that is for a long time. I think that it wants you to read by all means if you can read Japanese. just a great story.

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