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Thursday, September 16, 2010 

Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band - XIV Liberty

Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band - XIV Liberty

JP is fallin' autumn. Where did you go on that hot summer day?
Summer where it goes is regretted. well,Introduces the Great Latin band of JP. you known?
JP into holiday and is three consecutive holidays. Let's again on Tuesday evening. Freisnd, have great weekends!

Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band - XIV Liberty 2010
Shiro Sasaki, Kenji Matsushima, Sho Okumura, Masanor Suzuki - Trumpet,
Taisei Aoki, Hideaki Nakaji - Trombone,
Dairo Miyamoto - Bass Saxophone,
Kan Nishida - Bass Trombone,
Masahiro Fujioka, Kazuhiko Kondo - Alto Saxophone,
Manteru Nonoda - Tenor Saxophone,
Salt Shionoya - Piano,
Getao Takahashi - Bass,
Akira Jinbo - Drums,
Carlos Kanno, Michiaki Tanaka, Cosmos Kapitza, Gen Ogimi - Percussion.

#Many times though it registered in Grooveshark again, Because the number and the band name are different, I want you to see with amazon in Japanese in detail.

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