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Tuesday, October 05, 2010 

Uemura Shoen 上村松園

《焰》 1918(大正7)年 "焰" meaning is a fire.
#It was regrettable that this work had not been seen. When seeing ahead, it was impressed by the shadow of the hair and the beauty of the kimono of Japan.

On the weekend, we're visited an art museum. A French woman who did together gets excited by the art of Japan seen for the first time. Certainly, the beauty of such Japan might be more comprehensible in the foreigner. Such a draw's having met for about 100 years ago, thinks that I am a miracle. However, there is no computer, and is no light at that time. The draw seen in dim light might have been very beautiful.

The exhibition is here. The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo
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