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Monday, November 28, 2011 

Danshi died


Doing the respect doesn't stop, Mr.Danshi died.
The Tradition comic storyteller whom I held in high esteem died.
I shocked his death.
The reality is accepted. It was necessary for one week.

立川雲黒斎家元勝手居士 is Pronunciation are 'tatekawa_unko_kusai_iemoto_katte_koji' It was a person of the joke to the last time.

Thinking is the first memories that the foot of man who was the appearance when it is a junior high school student is thin and long a go.
It laughed, and it cried when his stage was seen since then.
And, a lot of books that he had written were read.

Though had been heard outing off form for several years...
His remains say sowing to the sea.
Let's sink the flower in the sea for him some time.
Thank you for a long time.